Ser­mons with Eng­lish translation

As we got more and more requests from peo­p­le not being flu­ent­ly in Ger­man, we deci­ded to go (as in the past) for an Eng­lish trans­la­ti­on for the ser­mon in our Han­no­ver ser­vices as a stan­dard (we hope to be able to set up a team to trans­la­te each and every Sunday).

We set up a small team to do the trans­la­ti­ons and offer wire­less head­pho­nes at the church door, whe­re you may choo­se the Ger­man ver­si­on (just lou­der as per your hea­ring requi­re­ments) or the Eng­lish version.

If you are good in trans­la­ting Ger­man ser­mons into Eng­lish lan­guage in our ser­vices, plea­se cont­act the pas­tors. Our team may need your sup­port now and then.