Die Andacht für heu­te von Joa­chim West­phal fußt auf meh­re­ren Tex­ten aus dem Mar­ku­sevan­ge­li­um. The­ma ist Stil­le Zeit.

Wie üblich kann die Andacht für etwa vier Wochen nach­ge­hört wer­den. – Eine eng­li­sche Über­set­zung folgt unten. Eng­lish ver­si­on below.

A quiet time (March 25th, 2020)

And in the morning, a long time befo­re day­light, he got up and went out to a quiet place, and the­re he gave him­s­elf up to pray­er. (Mark 1,35)

Is the­re still such a thing as a quiet time sin­ce the­re is so much stress and noi­se in our world? We are con­stant­ly dri­ven by radio, TV, and the inter­net, and honest­ly, can’t bare­ly live wit­hout them. We are so used to this noi­se that a quie­ter life seems stran­ge to us. And with the cell pho­ne, we are avail­ab­le at all times and in all pla­ces. Whe­re­ver we go, we can see other peop­le on the pho­ne, tal­king, and tal­king, and tal­king.

Next time you’ll be out­si­de, lis­ten to how many ring tones you hear and look how many pas­sers-by are on their pho­nes. We are not a quiet socie­ty, we are loud. We are pathe­tic becau­se we can’t stop, we can’t calm down. We gro­an with the bur­den of all the stress we have but ins­tead of moving into the quiet, ins­tead of lea­ving the noi­se behind and taking time off the noi­se, we rather add more activi­ties and appoint­ments to our calen­dars. That’s how we are: we don’t make time for deep breaths, we won’t make time for relie­ve in quiet­ness. But becau­se our world is re-inven­ting its­elf, we will now have a chan­ce at get­ting to know again what quiet­ness means.

We make new expe­ri­en­ces, we got the gift of time. Time to reflect. Time to do things that we usual­ly don’t do. We have time now to reflect on pas­sed expe­ri­en­ces in order to make chan­ges for the future. The­re is a new time-slot for a quiet time. Time to talk with God, time to give yours­elf up in pray­er.

Quiet time, quiet­ness, is now important to us and God also wants us to live quiet times. But what does »quiet time« mean exac­t­ly? God wants to gui­de us out of our busy and loud dai­ly lives into a quiet­ness whe­re we can reco­ver. In His pre­sence, we expe­ri­ence secu­ri­ty and silence. A time that we spend in His pre­sence is like taking a lea­ve from the rush, the noi­se, and the hust­le of our dai­ly lives. With Him, we can rech­ar­ge and reco­ver from all our bur­dens. He wants to lead us into the quiet for he wants to talk to us. He wants us to take a break from our activi­ties so that we can stu­dy His word in the bible so that He can talk to us. Tho­se of us who stu­dy His words will learn a lot about our Father. When we arri­ve at giving up the things that con­stant­ly cha­se each other in our heads, when we accom­plish to enve­lo­pe our­sel­ves in quiet­ness so that we can lis­ten to God’s voice – then we will be able to ask the most important ques­ti­on: »God, what do you want?«

God’s voice is a whis­per like a light bree­ze. When we move through our loud world, we won’t be able to hear it. We need that quiet time to hear what God is say­ing. We need to feel God’s pre­sence. All over the world, the­re are sche­du­led times for pray­er now for peop­le to come clo­ser to God. We are pray­ing for all tho­se who are affec­ted by the Coro­na virus, we are pray­ing for tho­se who fight in the front line to help others, we are pray­ing for peop­le who are frigh­te­ned and despe­ra­te.

We are also stan­ding in the front of the line – with our pray­ers.

A quiet time is like an armor for what the­re is yet to come. Of cour­se the­re are many good rea­sons for us to pray – the important thing is that we do pray. Pray­ing is the only way to grow in our faith and to be with God. So let’s fol­low Jesus becau­se Jesus him­s­elf was a role model for taking a quiet time for him­s­elf. Whenever he wan­ted to be clo­se to his Father, he with­drew for pray­ing:

Mark 1,35: And in the morning, a long time befo­re day­light, he got up and went out to a quiet place, and the­re he gave him­s­elf up to pray­er.

Mat­thew 14,23: And after he had sent the peop­le away, he went up into the moun­tain by him­s­elf for pray­er: and when evening was come, he was the­re by him­s­elf.

Mark 14,39:And again he went away, and said a pray­er, using the same words.

Mat­thew 26,42: Again, a second time he went away, and said in pray­er, O my Father, if this may not go from me wit­hout my taking it, let your plea­su­re be done

Mat­thew 26,44: And he went away from them again, and a third time said the same pray­er.

Now is the time, and it is very important, to talk to God and to do so con­stant­ly. The more pray­ers God will hear, the more awa­re He will be of the situa­ti­on and will then send His Holy Spi­rit to let peop­le look at him again.

God be with you. Stay healt­hy.